Sunday, January 30, 2011

I never thought it would be difficult to make sculpture out of poster board. The first assignment for my 3D class was to make nine sculptures out of poster board. We had to make nine 10" by 10" squares and then make 3 of them circles and three of them triangles. At this point the teacher said to go at it, but there were a few rules: it could not be representational, and it had to be a design that could then be made out of foam core board (you know the big display boards you used in grade school for science fair projects? that material is what we are using).

When we first got the assignment, I was pretty confident, thinking I could grab the bull by the horns and show 'em who's boss.

I was wrong. I finally finished all nine pieces at 10:10 PM, the night before they are do. I had reached a point where I almost didn't care what they looked like, I just wanted to be done.

But its interesting how certain projects work for certain types of thinks and other types not as much. My boyfriend and I had a discussion about this just now (he is in my classes), and I realized how different we are in the way we think. Yes we are both artists, but him being a Fine Arts major and me being a Graphic Design major, our minds work much differently.

I described my preferred way of working as wanting to be given a metaphorical box, and then I can choose how to work with the box or if I want to be out of it or just change the shape all together. If I am given and open field and told to create something, I get so lost and over whelmed.

My boyfriend however prefers the open field to the box; he is not fond of being told what to do. I mean don;t get me wrong,  I am not a fan of having limitations and such but I just need a spring board to jump off of to get my creative juices going and to decide on a direction to move in.

This homework assignment definitely reassured me of my decision to be a Graphic Design major.

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  1. Hey girl, thanks for the comment! Glad we are both graphic design student bloggers :)

    I love this post... I totally feel the same way!! It's funny, I initially went into fine arts when I first attended college 5 years ago, and don't get me wrong, I loved it, but after taking a break and figuring myself out I definitely am the type that needs some inspiration or a "box" to create something. I realized this when I stopped going to school I no longer did drawings or painted or anything, because I wasn't being given assignments. It made me feel like less of an artist, but you're right, it's just a different kind of artist.

    Thanks for your comment. I'm not a graphic designer (yet) but we are in the same boat, both going to school for the same thing. I definitely could give you advice or give you any feedback if you have questions.

    One suggestion though? I would love to see some of your artwork posted on here! It would be cool to see how your 3D designs came out :)