Saturday, March 12, 2011

Never let your drunk friend give you a back massage.

I am sitting in my one of my best friend's bed writing this and I have learned a lesson: never let your drunk friend give you a back massage. My one friend that gave me a back massage is into a lot of spiritual stuff, which is cool with me, I'm not gonna judge or anything unless you shove it down my throat, which she doesn't. So anyways, last night two of my friends and I were just hanging out, drinking a little and such. You know, a girls night.

My friend, the spiritual one, believes she is a healer. Yesterday she offered to give me a back massage since I hold a lot of stress in my back and last night she brought the offer up again. I took the offer and received and an amazing back massage for about 45 minutes.

If only I had known I would wake up with pain in the middle of my back that I would feel whenever I moved. My friends are passed out on the floor but when they wake up I'm gonna remind them of last night. My other friend makes somewhat moaning noises when she is falling asleep. Which kept me up.

My healer friend said she could feel the tension in my back when she was massaging me. I'm not sure if it was tension or me in pain. But even though she was drunk, she reminded me many many MANY times that her and my other friend are always going to be there for me no matter. She knows that the past week  month has been really hard for me. I thought I knew who I was and what I stood for but then I entered the relationship I am in. But now I have no idea.

My boyfriend got me high for the first time a week ago on this stuff called demon and it is legal (I don't want to get in trouble haha). Is it bad that I want to go out and buy my own bowl and demon and smoke today?


  1. Your boyfriend got you high? Hell, yeah, that is all kind of wrong. Legal or not, no one gets you drunk or high other than you, or that is not a good thing.

  2. no like, it was my choice to do it but like he was there with me. i didn't mean it as he forced me or did it without my knowledge

  3. Cute Blog, i defs had to follow :D

  4. at least she didn't puke on the back of your neck...