Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glue covered fingers and a pissed off boyfriend

Right now I am taking a break from my 3D class homework. The assignment is to take 2 of our 8 sculptures we made out of posterboard and build them in foamcore board. My first one is done and my second one is half way done, I am letting it sit so the glue can dry. My boyfriend is having MAJOR freak outs over his. He is starting to work on one of his and keeps making minor mistakes but then freaks a the hell out over it. All I get to do is sit quietly so he doesn't take his anger out on me. He is blasting this like, psychedelic jazz music that is driving me bonkers!!! A few songs ago he said he would turn it off and let me choose music to play but when I just asked him about that he said the music is keeping him from freaking out and punching something.

Comforting. Why do men have such anger problems? Is that all men or just a few?


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  2. Unfortunately most men do have anger problems, compared to women that is. On the bright side you have a very interesting blog I am now following you and maybe you could return the favour thanks, Dan.

  3. Tell him to man up and quit being such a little bitch. Honestly... what you girls will put up with.

  4. I think everyone is irritable at times. One of the reasons men get so angry is because unlike women, it is hard for us to express the way we feel. Most men pride themselves of being macho, but in all reality it would go much further if we were open. Sometimes we just need some time to cool off and relax or just jam out and get rid of stress for a little while. I would say just spend a little time listening to Jazz with him and when he is done enjoy your music too.

  5. Oh my! Lol. So cute, hon! This post sounds IDENTICAL to our evenings! lol. I mean it's unbelievably similar. My b/f is going to college during the days & I'm doing mine from home/online so while I'm working (also at home in my work room which is the same room he uses for school) I'll be playing music like earlier, while working & he's trying to take a test, so ever few min. I hear "SHIT! OH MY F! THIS SUCCCCKS!" It's hilarious, but so frustrating. He hates my tom petty blarring & I hate his frequent cuss word bursts! lol.

    Well, now that I've shared my life with you, lol I should say I am Kendra (Hello, Hello!) I'm following you now. You're posts were really interesting & fun to read which I love, especially after working & all the stress it's nice to have a good read here.

    I will be back to read more soon. Stop by & visit me too, if you would like.

    Warmest wishes,