Sunday, February 27, 2011

Spring break and This I Believe

This week is Spring break, thank God. Well, Spring break actually starts after my morning class on Monday. I'm not going home though until Wednesday night because my plan is to get some work done so then that way I don't have to do work at home and instead I can check up on friends and such. 

I mean, there is a big different between me planning on doing work, and actually doing work. But we'll see if I get anything done. 

So my boyfriend and I are back together now but he is trying his best to look past my mess up. He might come visit me later this week at home since he has never been to Baltimore, where I'm from, and I might take him to D.C. since he has only been there once. We might check out some museums and such. But this might not even happen. 

I have to write an essay called "This I Believe." It is a project started by NPR many years ago and my college decided to assign it as an assignment. I have to write mine today because it is due tomorrow. Last year when I was a senior in high school I had to write an essay for this and I chose to write it on color. I LOVE colors and the role they play in society. I've decided what I am going to write this one on but I think I'm gonna keep it a surprise incase I decide to post it on here. 

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