Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week from hell

This past week was a very, very long week between all the homework I had and all the drama that occurred. My boyfriend and I broke up on Valentine's Day but then a few hours later we got back together.  But then on Thursday we broke up again because I couldn't take him calling me names whenever he gets upset. Later on the day got a lot worse when he was texting me and was saying horrible things.
I was with some friends at my apartment as they comforted me but they ended up losing part of my expensive Valentines Day gift (I got this thing called BuckyBalls that are SOOO much fun), and while looking for the lost balls, my one friend broke my lamp.

So in the end, my sort of ex boyfriend and I are kind of broken up/kind of on a break. I really have no idea what we are. I love him, I really do, but I just couldn't take the name calling anymore, along with some other issues we had. I told him we could get back together if he changed and so far the past few days have been good but thats how things usually are after we fight; things get better for a few days and then we fight again.

And I am now avoiding doing any work by sitting on my laptop and watching Spongebob. I can't avoid it anymore though. This next week is filled with loads and loads of homework, I'm just praying that there won't be drama.


  1. Oh, Katie, hunny. Big huge hugs to you. No one has the right to call you horrible names, especially if they are supposed to be the one who loves you.